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to create your new website and get it up and running.

However computer literate you may be, there is no such thing as a silly question!

Whether you know exactly what you want, or just have a vague idea and would like our advice, please just ask.

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Website Design

We create the site that you want. It can be based on the look of an existing brand or website, or a totally new design. We ensure both parties know what is wanted and what it will cost before proceeding (Terms & Cons).

No two websites are the same and the cost is very much affected by how many pages there are and what the website is to comprise.

For a jargon-free quote please call us on 01371 810743.

Website Hosting

Your site must be hosted on a computer permanently connected to the internet so that it is available for people browsing the web.

We arrange this all for you. We recommend a number of alternatives, from a very competitive £6 per month. This includes a direct line to a real person to rapidly sort out any hosting problems.


Domains & Emails

We reserve your chosen domain name (for example stored in a national database. It usually contains your name or company name and it must be unique.

This includes a number of email accounts named by you, for example

We supply clear instructions for you to setup your new email addresses on your computer (Outlook Express, Windows Mail) and to access them online via web mail.


Website Maintenance

You may have an existing website which you would like totally revamped or simply kept up to date.

We will maintain your site for less than you are paying now and make updates more quickly.

Or if we have just created a new site for you we promise to look after it and update it promptly for as long as you wish.

We endeavour to make your updates within 24hrs of receiving them.




The best website in the world is no good unless visitors can find it.

When creating your website we suggest wording and add behind-the-scenes phrases and links that encourage Google and the others to rank you as high as possible.

And we submit your site to the major search engines and directories and offer advice on which paid submission or pay per click (PPC) plans suit you best. We can set up and administer Google Adwords for you, one of the best PPC schemes available.


Website Content

We can supply stock images for a website if required and will always check them with you before we make your website live.

Unless clearly stated, we will not take images from other websites due to potential copyright infringement.

The one part of the site that we do not create is the wording about you, your company and your products/services. It may be that you have something already on an existing leaflet or brochure.

Community Websites

We have created websites for quite a few of the local communities and parish councils. They are all content managed so that the users maintain the sites themselves.

They are:





Social Media

We can advise on the best use of the currently popular social media websites available, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ et al.

Some are more applicable than others depending on the nature of your business or organisation and your target audience.

Many customers do not see the point or consider it a chore to regularly post information to such sites but the search engines like Google clearly take them into account so it is worth the effort.



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We have been creating websites for local and national businesses since the 1990's and have a wealth of experience in listening to what you want and providing a solution that makes you happy.

We believe in always clearly communicating what we are doing for you and what it all costs.

So why not get in touch and see what we can do for you?